How the Apprenticeship Levy will see the rise of the L&D department

How the Apprenticeship Levy will see the rise of the L&D department

How the Apprenticeship Levy will see the rise of the L&D department

Over recent years, there has been a concern amongst learning and development teams that L&D was being pushed out of board-level decisions, and as spending shrank, the HR department was finding it challenging to justify the impact that training and learning makes on businesses.

The Apprenticeship Levy has the potential to reverse this. Multi-million pound levy spends are giving top-level leaders no choice. L&D professionals are being thrust right back into the spotlight, and this is their chance to have their voices heard in the boardroom.

Boards are suddenly being forced to sit up and take notice, as the spending of levy funds will need a strategic approach.

This is L&D’s opportunity to give a true account of itself. It is certainly possible – as we will be discussing in more detail during and after National Apprenticeship Week 2017 – to measure return on investment in learning, and business chiefs will be looking to L&D for reports on the success of apprenticeship programmes, and their impact on business outcomes such as staff retention rates, productivity, and upskilled, motivated workforces.

Buy-in from the whole company, including senior leaders, is critical. We’re starting to see the trend flipped as a growing number of finance and procurement representatives are being involved in meetings about the levy – apprenticeships are no longer just for HR, L&D, and recruitment departments. Separate parts of organisations are now being forced to come together.

In some cases, this will be the first time that L&D is represented in some boardrooms. When the Levy hits on 6th April, it’s down to L&D to prove that the Apprenticeship Levy is an opportunity, not just a tax. Might we even see the proliferation of the CLO job title?

Now the very top levels of organisations have a shared interest in the world of apprenticeships, all departments need to pull together and work in the best interests of the business.

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