Managed serviced approach


Capita’s apprenticeship design process begins with a kick off session led by your dedicated Account Director and Product Manager.

The kick off session allows us to identify and prioritise any key areas of development: this is essential for us to be able to agree objectives and decide on the direction for your apprenticeship programme, and how it will be rolled out.

We will also look at your internal requirements, such as a phased roll out to provide employees with a richer and more rounded learning programme whilst maintaining BAU for the business areas within which the apprentices are working.

Capita Apprenticeships


After our initial kick off session, we will enter a consultation period where we will advise you on the best solutions for your apprenticeship programmes.

Your dedicated Product Manager will lead a team including: an instructional designer, learning technologist and curriculum and content lead.

Their aim will be to shape your apprenticeship programme and develop the overall approach in partnership with you, the client.

Large scale apprenticeship programmes


For your apprenticeship programme to be a resounding success it needs internal buy-in. Our next step in the design phase is to therefore ensure that the apprenticeship programme is supported within your business. There can be a stigma attached to apprenticeships as roles which are low skilled and vocationally based courses for young people. We want to change this and we think the levy is a brilliant opportunity to expose a diverse range of people who may require different skills to apprenticeship programmes.

To help you develop a compelling narrative to support internal buy-in for the programmes across the business, as well as targeted campaigns for different audiences, we use the knowledge of your culture and objectives that we will have gained in the kick off session and our consultation period.

Bespoke apprenticeship programmes


Once the approach in the consultation phase is established for the apprenticeships programmes themselves, the Product Manager will:

  • Oversee the programme’s design & development
  • Source additional partners if required
  • Test out prototype programmes
  • Undertake end user acceptance testing
  • Upskill and train delivery team
  • Brief key stakeholders
  • Oversee the incubation phase of new programmes and products
Unique Apprenticeship Programmes


As part of the Capita delivery model we will support your launch arrangements. We also look to tie these in with external events and capitalise on these where we can. For example, National Apprenticeship Week provides possible opportunities to engage senior government representatives in support of the apprenticeship programme.

Experts in professional apprenticeships


Common Delivery Components

  • Dedicated Talent Coach
  • Regular face to face and remote interventions
  • Access to Learning Technologies and Resources
  • Printed materials for those in branches without viable IT systems
  • A dedicated Learner support team available via phone and email for queries that may require more immediate responses
  • Quality assurance of Talent Coaches’ teaching, assessment and coaching via team of Internal Quality Assurers
  • Regular MI reports on apprentice progress and levy spend.
Experts in professional apprenticeships


We believe that quality is established through rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement is a key Capita value. We constantly strive to improve and enhance our work with learners and the service we provide our clients.

We take all feedback very seriously, and none more so than that of the learner. All teaching and learning sessions are subject to learner evaluation and at regular checkpoints throughout the programme we will take temperature checks with key stakeholders via online surveys so that we can constantly review and refine the programme as it progresses.

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